Fresh Air is gaining as much importance as hand washing, clean water etc. It cannot be neglected in Total Hygiene Concepts. Viruses have been proven to be transported by air.

Niels Ryberg Finsen (1860-1904) becomes the first person to use UV rays in the treatment of diseases. UV-C was used in 1908 to disinfect Marseille, France’s municipal water supply. Westinghouse developed the first commercial UV-C germicidal lamps in the 1930s, used primarily in hospitals.

Why UVCpectra Tube ?

  • 99.9% impact in a single pass by the usage of reliable solar beams on high-efficiency devices
  • No need for additional technology nor engineering.
  • It has no side effects on animal, the environment and human health.
  • Usage time exceeding 9000 hours.
  • Recoups investment costs within months with its product process savings and safety measures.

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet Antiseptic Rays (UVC Light)

Ultraviolet Ultraviolet Antiseptic Rays (UVC Light) has shown its strength in hundreds of tests and theses for many years.
254 nm rays react with the DNA of microorganisms and breaks the thymine bridges.

Elimination Effect :

Fungi: LOG 2 (99%)*
Bacteria: LOG 4 (99,99%)*
Viruses: LOG 6 (99,9999%)*

*It may be higher and lower depending on the amount of UVCpectra exposure.

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